(The Atonement of Lord Adonis)

"When Lord Adonis died, Father Jupiter decreed that He should spend winters in the Underworld with Mistress Proserpine & spend summers with Lady Venus'.


THE DIVINE LOGOS OR WORD of Lord Apollo & Lady Diana, is the will of Father Jupiter & Mother Juno, for the happiness of Their children.  This trilateral power is the basic dialectical 3-fold aspect of creation, or Parcae (Past, Present & Future). It is centred on the concept of ‘Harvesting the Dew’ which is the result of our time & efforts. If we choose to live harmoniously with the Logos (Grand-design) of our Lord & Lady, we will find lasting inner-peace in this life & eternal joy in the after-life.

            As we learn about the Logos of the Lord & Lady (Sun & Moon), we will find answers to these questions: “Where did we come from?” What is our purpose hear on Earth?” “Where will we go after this life?”



OUR EXISTENCE DID NOT begin at birth, nor shall it end at death. We are made up of spirit-body (Akasha) & a physical-body. Our Heavenly Parents created our spirits, and we lived with Them as spirit-children before we were born on Earth. We knew & loved Them, and They knew & loved us. This period is called 'pre-mortal existence'.

            Through-out our pre-mortal existence, we were taught the precepts & Grand Design-process that would lead to felicity. We grew in intelligence & learned to love the truth. We were taught about the Divine Logos. During the pre-mortal existence, Lord Apollo & Lady Diana were chosen as deliverers of this New World; we learned that through Them we would be able to overcome the effects caused by the enemy of our soul, or 'Spiritual Death'.



The family-unit is central to the will of our God & Goddess.

An important part of the Logos was for us to come to Earth to receive ‘Tabernacles of Flesh’ (physical-bodies) & to learn to make righteous-decisions by walking the Golden Path of Gnosis (knowledge) & embracing the Silver Wheel of Diana or Sophia (wisdom). We would not remember living in the presence of the God & Goddess, but They would give us the ability to distinguish truth from error. We would be able to recognize Their love & truth. Through our experiences & trials, we could learn to make righteous decisions consistently. With the help of Lord Apollo & Lady Diana, we would be able to return to live with Father Jupiter & Mother Juno, Mother Latona & Their other Goddess wives when our life on Earth was over.

            In our pre-mortal existence, we learned that only by choosing to follow the will of the God & Goddess could we receive lasting peace & satisfaction in this life & for all-eternity. Because They love us, our Heavenly Parents gave us Agency, or the power to make decisions. They let us decide whether we would obey Their will & Their Son & Daughter - the Lord & Lady of the Most High.

            Prince Mars is the brother of our Lord & Lady; He is one of the spirit-children of our God & Goddess who rebelled against Them & did not accept Their will. He wanted to force everyone to obey His own will. Unfortunately, many of the spirit-children chose to follow Him. Prince Mars & His Legions were cast out from the presence of Father Jupiter & Mother Juno & were forever denied the privilege to be born on Earth & inhabit bodies of flesh & bone. They continue to exist as spirits that plague humanity. They are unhappy, and they want us to be unhappy. They encourage us & all of the God & Goddesses children to do things that bring about unhappiness & that are not pleasing to Father Jupiter & Mother Juno.

Although our memory of it is withheld by a Veil, before we came to this Earth we lived in the presence of our Eternal Parents, and Their Son & Daughter in Celestus, meaning 'Source'.  We shouted for joy when given the privilege of coming to this Earth to receive a physical body & follow the will of the God & Goddess for our happiness. As we continue forthrightly in The Great Work, the Veil that withholds the recollection of our former births becomes thinner. It is only through Death that the Veil will disappear completely. 

We have much to learn & experience during the course of this life.

In the pre-mortal existence, we chose to have faith in Lord Apollo & Lady Diana & follow the Grand Design. Because of our decisions, we were born on Earth. Only by making these decisions can we find peace & experience our own divinity in this life & be able to return to live with our Heavenly Parents in the eternities to come.



THE GOD & GODDESS that we serve are progressing eternally, and so are Their children. Earth was created as a place for Their children to live, celebrate & gain experience as They once did. The God & Goddess, the Parents of species were once a man & woman in mortal flesh as we are now, and are now exalted-beings. Thus as we are now, our Father & Mother in Heaven once were; and as They are now, so to shall we become.

The Creation & Fall:

Adam & Eve were the first Lord & Lady of the Adamic-seed (Humankind) to come to Earth as spirit-children in the image of the Lord God Mercury & the Lady Goddess Venus. Their Adamic-bodies were genetically engineered by Father Jupiter & Mother Juno, etc. They lived in a place called the Garden of Eden, or Edin, where they remained in the presence of the God & Goddess, who, along with the Lord & Lady nursed them at Their side.

            The God & Goddess gave Lord Adam & Lady Eve agency, or 'freedom of choice'. They commanded them not to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. Obeying this commandment meant they could remain in the Garden, however they could not progress by learning from experiences & challenges. Prince Mars & Queen Lilith persuaded Lord Adam & Lady Eve to eat the forbidden-fruit, and they chose to partake. Queen Lilith is the consort of Prince Mars & appeared as a serpent to Lady Eve by the will of Mother Juno. However, awakening Serpenis or 'sexual-energy' was part of the will of the God & Goddess. Because of this decision & the overwhelming ego or identity which developed, Lord Adam & Lady Eve were in a sense physically & spiritually separated from the presence of the God & Goddess. They became mortal, that is, subject to decrease in nobility through blunders, decay & death. They were unable to return to the God & Goddess without Their help. Their physical & spiritual-separation from Heavenly Father & Mother is called the Fall of Humankind.

            The God & Goddess sent Their Bene Elohim (Angels of the Spheres) & the Parcae or '3 Fates' to instruct Lord Adam & Lady Eve in The Great Work aspect of Liber Baphomet: the transcendental abode of the personality of a triple-divinity of Past, Present, and Future Logos. Central to the Logos is the Sacrifice of Adonis (who was an incarnation of our Lord), which enables the children of the God & Goddess to overcome the effect of the Fall & experience æonian joyousness. Thus we can reach the destination: Baphomet – who is the Supreme-goal of Life.


Partaking of the Forbidden-fruit opened the doorway to god & goddesses-hood for the Adamic-seed.

Our Life On Earth:

Because of the Fall, we are easily separated from the God & Goddess physically & spiritually. This 'separation of mass' is an alchemical part of the Logos of Creation. Our purpose in leaving our Heavenly Parents presence to incarnate to Earth includes obtaining a Tabernacle of Flesh, gaining Gnosis (knowledge) through experience, and learning to make wise decisions.

            Many aspects of life bring happiness, and some bring sorrow. These experiences help us learn to distinguish between truth & error & to make wise decisions. The God & Goddess influence us to be righteous & follow Them with an eye single to the glory of the Universe (El-Elyon or Kaos), while Prince Mars & Queen Lilith encourage us to ignore Them & fail in our spiritual-progression. A mistake such as this is knowingly choosing to disobey the precepts of the Lord & Lady. When we decide to follow Father Jupiter & Mother Juno & obey Their will, we grow in wisdom & strength of character & obtain beauty. We can experience joy even in times of trial, giving us the strength to face the challenges of life with a spirit of peace.

We may have made wise-decisions in our lives, but we have also made some regretful ones. Alchemically speaking, when we make unwise decisions during a process & cause a blunder to occur, we separate ourselves to some degree from the God & Goddess, which is the Red & White essences – the most important colours of Alchemy. Mediaeval Alchemical-literature calls this separation Black Mercury or 'spiritual-death'. In addition to separating ourselves from the Red & White essences, our errors also cause guilt & shame (rust & decay). We need the help of the Lord & Lady (Sun & Moon – Fire & Water) in order to fully overcome this metaphorical 'Rusting-process' & its negative-effects.



We should carefully consider our choices.

The Sacrifice Of Lord Adonis:

Because the God & Goddesses love us, They sent Their Son & Daughter - Apollo & Diana, to substitute for our errors upon the Earth. This Substitution-process or Atonement is part of the mysteries of Lord Bacchus & the sacrifice of Lord Adonis, etc.  Through the incarnations of our Lord & Lady, these Martyrs voluntarily endured for corruption of humanity, pains, sickness, and sorrows. Heed the words of Father Jupiter:


“Whom best I love I cross; to make my gift. The more delayed, delighted. Be content; Your low-laid son our godhead will uplift: His comforts thrive, his trials well are spent. Our Jovial star reign’d at his birth, and in our temple was he married. Rise, and fade. He shall be lord of lady Imogen, and happier much by his affliction made”.

- Cymbeline (v. iv. 101-3)


Through Their grace & mercy, our Lord & Lady can aid us in our trials & relieve us of guilt & shame (rust & decay) that result from our carelessness. Hence, Karma must correct itself through the means of a process or substitute.

            Unlike the New Religion, when our Lord & Lady sacrificed themselves for our future, They did not eliminate our agency or personal responsibility – They will not make us pure against our will. To receive Their help & strength, we need to exercise faith in Them, make restitution, be dedicated, receive the Holy Flame of Fire, and choose to follow Their precepts for the rest of our lives as we rely on the Sacrifice of the Son & Daughter & the mercy & love of our Heavenly Parents. In particular, the Sacrifice of Lord Adonis is the central point in the Grand Design; such is the story of all creation: When a Star is at the end of it's reign, it explodes only to create more stars, more solar systems, and more galaxies. It is for such a reason that the Sun or Son is named ‘The Great Ancestor’ which is the very core of Pagan faith.

            Our Lord & Lady returned to the Earth various times in order to demonstrate the 'Divine Will' of our Heavenly Parents & begin mysteries & rites which would help humankind remember Their acts on our behalf. As a result of Their accomplishments, we are able to choose righteousness without the overwhelming influence of darkness; however, the influence of darkness can still be felt because our minds are prone to entertain it. Because of the precepts of our Lord & Lady, we know that the purpose of our lives is to serve others by Their example, for as the Sun & Moon give light to the Earth, so to are Lord Apollo & Lady Diana the 'Light of the World”.




FROM AN EARTHLY PERSPECTIVE, physical-death may seem like an end, but rather it is a beginning, a step towards immortality. As yet unhatched Avatars, we remain in a comatose-state in our realm of pre-existence. In fact, we are all Avatars, for death is likened unto a dream flowing into another dream until we come before the Source Power (EL-ELYON or Kaos), to receive our Adam-Kadmon (Glorified-body) which has been prepared for our resurrection. At death, our spirits will leave our bodies & go to the Summerland in the Spirit World, which is a place of learning & preparation. In the Spirit World, our memories of this life will remain with us.




Lord Adonis provided a way to cleanse humanities corruptions in the Grove.

Death will not change our personalities nor our desire for good or bane. If we decide to follow the Lord & Lady during our life on Earth, we will be at peace in the Summerland & will rest from our cares. Those who decide not to undergo a restitution-process will be miserable in Hades (The Underworld).

            Our God & Goddess knew that many of Their children would never have an opportunity to learn about the Lord & Lady during their lives & that others would decide not to follow Them. Because They love all Their children, our Heavenly Parents provided a way for those in the Spirit World to learn about the Logos, have faith in the Lord & Lady, and reincarnate. Those who accept & follow the Lord & Lady will have peace & rest. At death our spirits leave our bodies & go to the Summerland, a place of learning, and resting from care & sorrow.


“When the wind whispers from the West, all hearts shall find peace & rest”.

 - Excerpt from 'Ye Old Rede'

The Rising & Twilight Of The Gods & Goddesses:

One of the Great Gifts of the God & Goddess to all who come to Earth is The Rising or Resurrection, which is made possible by the Atonement of Lord Adonis, etc. When Lord Adonis died in the Grove, His spirit went to the Underworld with Mistress Proserpine; however, Adonis’ lover Lady Venus sprinkled His blood with Nectar & He rose again 3 days later. Instead of a re-union with His glorified, perfected-body of immortality, it was sacrificed to the Earth from whence sprung the Anemone-flower, thus it is the blood of Adonis that each spring turns to red the torrential-river. The re-uniting of body & spirit is called The Rising. Everyone who is born on Earth will be resurrected. After we are raised from the Dead, we will go before the King & Queen of Heaven, Their Son & Daughter, etc, and the Ascended Masters of our realm to be evaluated according to our work, merit & desires of our hearts.


Degrees Of Glory:

After we are risen, we will live in a 'State of Glory'. Because everyone has different work, merit & desire, The Heavens includes different Kingdoms, or Degrees of Glory.

            If we live according to The Circle of our Lord & Lady & are spiritually-tinctured, to prevent rust & decay by renewal, we will receive a place in the Highest Degree of Glory. We will live in the presences of Gods & Goddesses, and Angels; we will know complete felicity. Those in the Priesthood who are sealed in Eternal Matrimony may progress on to becoming gods & goddesses, and preside over other realms with truth & light, creating new families throughout the Cosmos for all eternity to demonstrate & expand the glorious love of The Great Father-Mother God of Creation. Kabalistically speaking, within the Kingdom of Heaven there are 3 stages of transmigration:

1. Exaltation (The Highest-state/god & goddess-hood);

2. Ministering Angels (These are high-level teachers assigned to us);

3. Guardian Angels (These are our Spirit-guardians).

"All are born, live, and die beneath the Sun & Moon; and all things shall come to pass there under, as has been the way of existence before time was".

- Excerpt from 'Before Time Was'




The Outer Realms Of Darkness:

When Lord Pluto (King of the Underworld) passes judgment on the souls of the wicked, such as those found guilty of crimes against humanity & offences towards the Gods & Goddesses, He sends them to the 9 Hells pertaining to the Tree of Kliphoth or 'Outer Realms of Darkness' for an eternity. In this way, unworthy souls have the opportunity to work their way back to the Tree of Life; unlike the falsehoods of the New Religion, the God & Goddesses love all Their children equally & do not suffer them to burn in eternal torment & never be consumed. Generally, wicked souls are sent back to the Absolute & recycled, only to return as a lesser-energy form until they learn righteousness. In the Kabalistic foundation of Gnostic Paganism, such lower-energy forms correspond to the following sequence:

1. Elemental Kingdom;

2. Mineral Kingdom;

3. Vegetable Kingdom;

4. Animal Kingdom, etc.


WHEN WE COMPREHEND THAT the God & Goddess are our Heavenly Parents, that They love us, and that They have made it possible for us to gain truth & light on Earth & become like Them in the eternities, we realize the importance of our decisions during our lifetimes. We understand that we must follow the Circle of the Lord & Lady to receive the fullness & blessings of our Heavenly Parents Grand-design. Eventually, the Adam Kadmon (Light Garment) will be achieved, and all will be redeemed; not one soul shall be lost. When we are resurrected, not one atom or molecule shall be lost, for everything will be re-constituted exactly as it was. Our beloved Gaia (Mother Earth) shall be delivered from the mouth of Hades & returned to a remarkable state of glory & peace once more. We thank the God & Goddess for the martyrs of our faith. They shed their blood for us so that we to, may become gods & goddesses & shine as lights amongst the firmament forevermore… And this be the Golden Path of Gnosis.