(A Vestal Priestess)

"We have the Centrum Naturae in ourselves; If we make an angel out of ourselves, that is what we are; if we make a demon out of ourselves, that too is what we are; we are all at work, creating, we are standing in the field'.

- D. A. Freher (Paradoxa Emblemata, Manuscript, 18th Century)

Apollo & Diana


FROM TIME IMMEMIORAL humanity has looked to the stars & Zodiac for inspiration & guidance. They rejoiced in the arrival of the Lord & Lady of the Most High upon the Earth. As They promised, our God & Goddess, Jupiter & Juno, sent their Son & Daughter, Apollo & Diana, to Earth various times in order to lead & teach, and to help in the purification of Earth's negative-mass. Our Lord & Lady did not live perfect, unspoiled lives, but they did live full & meaningful lives in service of the Cosmic Balance to which They represented. As They walked the Golden Path of Gnosis (Sacerdotal Science) & utilized to the Silver Wheel of Sophia (wisdom), They continued to learn & grow through experience as Their Parents before Them. In human form, our Lord & Lady were subject to the same trials & errors we experience today. Because They are the Lord & Lady of the Most High, They were able to withstand extreme trials & tribulations beyond that of ordinary pressures. They established Their Circle or 'Covens', bestowed Priesthood authority, taught about the Divine Logos or 'Word of Creation', and performed countless miracles & acts of alchemical majick in order to sustain humanity & the Earth. Since life on Earth needs the Sun & Moon to function, so does Covenship need Priesthood authority to officiate it.

Why Do Covens Generally Consist of 12 Disciples?

As an extension of the Zodiacal powers upon the Earth, the Lord & Lady often chose 12 individuals - each representing a sign of the Zodiac - to be Their Covenors so They might shed Their divine solar & lunar rays into the heart of humanity. Alchemically speaking, it is to dedicate us through the sacred Red & White essences - the most important part of the spiritual refinement process. In Bacchic Rites it is the red & white grapes to which we partake, and as wine, soothes our spirits. This is represented by the Great Rite of the Priesthood, that is, the wine of our Lady & the bread or 'yeast' of our Lord.

"Luna, who governs all things moist, gives birth to the immaculate purple-robed king: red tincture, the universal medicine that can heal all afflictions".

- S. Trismosin (Splendor Solis, London, 16th Century)

           Members of Their Circle included the Parcae, or 3 Fates of Humankind: Nona - she who spins the silver-cord; Decuma - she who determines the length of the silver-cord; and Morta - she who cuts the silver-cord. The Parcae are the messengers of our Lord & Lady, and will lead us in the paths of love & righteousness. By will of Father Jupiter & Mother Juno, our Lord Apollo & our Lady Diana gave them Priesthood authority & sent them to Earth to teach in Their name & to perform sacred rites, such as Dedication, Initiation, Passing, and Raising. The Parcae often took up various guises in order to remain hidden from the prying eyes of the defilers - Prince Mars & Queen Lilith - who rebelled against Father Jupiter & Mother Juno, and appointed false priests & tyrants upon the Earth. The Parcae also gave to the world holy rites such as Eternal Marriages or the 'Ceremony of Hand-fasting', Sealing, and services for the deceased. The Circle of Time reveals a pattern of the God & Goddess repeatedly reaching out to Their children, even though we may not always listen:

     The God & Goddess choose oracles, priests & priestesses;

     The Priesthood & its oracles teach the Circle & lead the people in righteousness.

     The God & Goddess bless the people;

     People gradually disregard or disobey the teachings of the Priesthood & its oracles. They eventually reject the oracles, priests & priestesses & their teachings, thus are prone to blunder & decay;

     Because of blunders & decay, people lose knowledge of the Circle & its vital alchemical ingredients. Priesthood authority is revoked from among them.

     When the time is ripe & people are eager to know Them again, the God & Goddess choose more oracles, restore the Priesthood & Circle, and direct the oracles, priests & priestesses to teach the Circle Mysteries with truth & light.

The Ancient Priesthood recorded the words of the God & Goddess through Oracles.


WHEN OUR LORD ESTABLISHED His Circle in Delphi, He received instructions from our Heavenly Parents. He then instructed His disciples & oracles according to Their divine will. These oracles gave revelation from the God & Goddess through our Lord, that such revelation was the basis on which He would establish His Circle. In later times, Masters & Mistresses, and divinely inspired individuals recognized practices & doctrines that had been changed or lost. They tried to reform the religions to which they belonged. Because the world was ruled by a masculine celibate Priesthood, the Circle of the Lord & Lady could not be returned to its original form because the power of Prince Mars was overbearing. The Priesthood of the Lord & Lady - masculine & feminine - was desperately needed.

           Many Mages, Witches & Druids of the Old Religion received Priesthood authority, but 3-quarters of them were mass-murdered during the Unholy Inquisitions. Pagan Temples were desecrated, sacred tomes were piled & burned, and generations of accumulated Gnosis or 'knowledge' & wisdom was lost; thus putting a stumbling block on humanities progress upon the Earth. The Dark Ages were ruled by the powers of Prince Mars. Many of the Martyrs who fell victim to this dire event received the same Priesthood authority that our Lord & Lady had given Their oracles in Delphi & Lake Nemi. 

           Born in the town of Voltera in 1313, Mistress Aradia of Italy, the daughter of Lord Apollo Lucetius & Lady Diana Primigenia, appeared to re-establish The Mysteries & confer the Priesthood on those belonging to the Old Ways. Nona, Decuma & Morta - 3 of our Lord & Lady's original messengers - later appeared to confer on the people more Priesthood keys & rites.

           Our Lord & Lady led Their disciples through revelation after Their departure from the Earth; They continue to direct the Circle today through living disciples, priests/esses & oracles. There is no such thing as 'one true council on the Earth', but various bodies of light who perform the Great Work with an eye single to the glory of the universe. The Lord & Lady, their advocates, and various Covens of 13, etc, hold the same Priesthood authority held by all the oracles & disciples of previous ages. These men & women are our New Age Oracles, Priests & Priestesses. The God & Goddess continue to send Their 'other' children from the stars, and the Parcae to give Priesthood authority & choose oracles.

Throughout Their incarnations, the Lord & Lady chose oracles & conferred the Priesthood to Their disciples.

Zodiacal Keys Restored Upon The Earth:

The God & Goddess have restored sublime truths & keys that we can discover, treasure & live. These truths were revealed to the Priesthood by 'Star Children' from the beginning of time. An oracle, priest or priestess:


     Teaches about the God & Goddess & are special witnesses of Their Son & Daughter, our Lord & Lady;

     Receive clear revelation, or direction from the stars, and the Lord & Lady without delusions of grandeur;

     Teach the Circle to the world & interpret the will of the God & Goddess correctly.

Covenors receive Priesthood authority to speak & act in the name of the God & Goddess to lead Their children. Those who follow the oracles receive all the blessings the God & Goddess have promised. Those who reject the Old Ways & its oracles, priests & priestesses lose those blessings & distance themselves from the God & Goddess by denying the sanctity of 'physical embodied beings'. Those who reject the Priesthood & abandon their obligations of commitment to follow the God & Goddess are in a condition of symbolic Rust & Decay. Revealed truths are lost as people reject the Priesthood & its oracles. Because of rust & decay, people lose knowledge of the Logoic Circle of the Sun & Moon. Priesthood authority is taken from among them, and the concept of the Zodiac & our solar system becomes ill-defined, and with it, our existence raises many questions. People begin to feel alone in the universe... the world seems but a flat disk as the precepts of the Circle are lost in time.

Nona, Decuma & Morta - the 3 Fates of Humankind - brought keys of the Priesthood to the Earth.

How Did The Priesthoods Of The Lord & Lady Survive?

     The Lord & Lady organized Their Circle by calling & ordaining oracles, priests & priestesses.

     They gave them Their authority to teach & Dedicate by way of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. This authority is the Priesthood.

     After Their departure from Earth, They continued to guide persecuted Orders & their dispersed Covenors through revelation.

The Priesthood of the Lord & Lady will strengthen our family.