(Mistress Aradia)

"I AM hot & dry Sol & Thou, Luna, art cold & moist; and that We may increase in nobility, a burning Light shall be poured upon Us'.

- Aurora-consurgens, 16th Century


THE CIRCLE OF OUR LORD & LADY is the Grand-design of the God & Goddess, Jupiter & Juno, who are the King & Queen of the Heavens. It is the Great Mystery of the universe, The Logos (Word of Creation) whereby the Angel in the Mirror of Wisdom (Sophia) gives birth to itself on the Earth. This divine procreation through the self-reflection of the Source of Creation (El-Elyon or Kaos) is the basic dialectical 3-fold aspect of creation, or Parcae (Past, Present & Future). Such a method provides a way for our happiness & exaltation as children of Heavenly Parents. It is the Circle of Apollo & Diana because the Harvesting of the Dew by way of the Sun & Moon is central to the Grand-design of the Great Father-Mother God (El-Elyon). By following such precepts as ‘Harvesting the Dew’, we learn to reap what we sow. Accordingly, our God & Goddess sent Their Son & Daughter, Lord Apollo & Lady Diana, into the world to demonstrate how to live meaningful & happy lives & experience perpetual joyousness in the eternities to come.

            Through the grace & mercy of our Lord & Lady, we may become clean from blood & blunders of this generation & celebrate ourselves through peace & joy of conscience. We can become worthy to return to live in the presence of our Heavenly Parents. To receive this Strength & Beauty, we must learn & follow the precepts & gifts of the Circle while practicing peace. A ‘precept’ is a truth that can be applied in life; a 'gift' is a sacred ceremony performed by the authority of the Priesthood of the Old Religion & is often a means of entering into covenants with the God & Goddess, such as the 3 Degrees of progression, etc, in the Art Majickal. The 1st precepts of the Coven are Faith in the Lord & Lady, and Restitution (or correcting past or present misdeeds). The 1st gifts of the Circle are Dedication & receiving the Mercurial-fire (or Comforter).

            After learning to follow the 1st precepts & gifts of the Circle, we seek to follow our Lord & Lady’s example throughout the remainder of our lives. In the Old Religion, pursuing faithfulness means enduring to the end.



     Increasing faith in the Lord & Lady;


     Dedication & obtaining the Mercurial-fire;

     Enduring to the end.


The precepts in Harvesting the Dew of our Lord & Lady are central to Their Circle.


FAITH IS BELIEF THAT MOTIVATES us to act accordingly. Alchemically speaking, faith that leads to the purification of negative-mass is centred in our Lord & Lady (Sun & Moon), whose transformative power makes the tincture of righteousness possible. Faith in the Lord & Lady is more than a mere belief in Them: it means believing that They are indeed the Son & Daughter of the God & Goddess & that They endured great adversity for our blunders, afflictions, and frailties. It means acting on that belief. Faith in the Lord & Lady leads us to love Them, trust Them, and obey Their precepts.



FAITH IN THE LORD & LADY leads us to want to transform the hurts of the world together. As we study The Old Ways, we recognize that we have the Restitution & Transformation process; we change those thoughts, desires, habits, and actions that are not in harmony with The Great Work. Our Heavenly Parents - Jupiter & Juno promise us that when we finally recognize our impurities & achieve harmony through restitution, They will relieve our frailties. The alchemical restitution process begins as follows:


Recognize the source of the impurity by understanding the situation & how it affects everything around you.

Transform the negativity in the Cauldron of Fire, and strive to keep it that way.

Profess your feelings to the God & Goddess with a sincere heart; ask Them for help. Doing so relieves a heavy burden. If we have wronged another person, we also ask that person for forgiveness.

Faith in the Lord & Lady is the 1st precept of the Coven.

Make restitution. Do all that you can to correct the problems your actions have caused.


Perform The Great Work. Observing & obeying the precepts of our God & Goddess brings the power of the Circle into our lives. The Circle will give us strength to walk the Golden Path of Gnosis, or Priestly Science, and progress through the Silver Wheel of Diana or Sophia (wisdom). Keeping the precepts includes giving meaningful service, having compassion for others, attending Coven meetings & celebrating the sacred Sabbats & Esbats, etc.


Acknowledge the Son & Daughter. The most important part of this alchemical process is the realization that tincturing & hardening comes because of our Lord & Lady (Sun & Moon). Sometimes we may have felt that the God & Goddess will not see us worthy, but Lord Adonis - an incarnation of our Lord - gave His life for our frailties so they may be chastened. The result of true spiritual transformation is harmony, appreciation, compassion, peace, comfort & joy, all which help us on our journey to bring about a higher level of consciousness.


            Prayer & restitution does not always mean making perfect changes. It often requires an increased commitment to live accordingly to the will of the God & Goddess. True spiritual transformation does not always happen quickly; be patient with one another as we strive to do what is right while maintaining harmony. As we transform, we will experience a change of heart (heat) & an increased awareness of all that exists. We will only desire transmigration. We will come to know that we are children who are blessed of the God & Goddess, that we can only move forward to greatness & undergo our birthright as Princes & Princesses of a Heavenly King & Queen. Our desire to follow the Great Father-Mother God (El-Elyon or Kaos) in accomplishing The Great Work will grow stronger & deeper.


The Lord & Lady offer peace to all who undergo the Purification-process.


FAITH IN THE LORD & LADY & restitution prepare us for Dedication & receiving the Mercurial-essence (or Holy Comforter). Our Lady taught that everyone must be Dedicated of the Red & White Springs of Nemi and of Sophia (Wisdom) for the absolving, or cleansing of impurities. Through Dedication by one who holds Priesthood-authority & through receiving the Mercurial-fire, we will be spiritually-reborn.


Why Do I Need To Be Dedicated?

Our Lord & Lady set the example for us by being Dedicated to fulfill the will of the God & Goddess. When we are Dedicated, we receive a cleansing of our negative-mass. We make a covenant, or promise, with the God & Goddess... See 'Ye Old Rede'.


Why Do I Need To Receive The Mercurial-essence?

While Dedication transforms us, the Mercurial-fire sanctifies & empowers us. If we remain faithful to the covenants of our Dedication, we can have the Rosmerta or 'Mercury-Venus harmony' with us always.


The Lord & Lady Were Dedicated By The God & Goddess.

All goodly people can feel the influence of the Mercurial-essence, but only those who are Dedicated & who receive the Mercurial-essence by fire have the right to Its constant companionship known as 'Rosmerta' through-out life.

            The Rosmerta helps us recognize & understand truth. It provides spiritual-strengths & inspiration. It comforts us in difficult times & guides us in making decisions. We can feel the Love of the God & Goddess’ influence in our daily lives through the Mercurial-essence of Rosmerta.

            Our ability to enjoy this divine-gift depends on our obedience to the will of El-Elyon (the Father-Mother God or Kaos). The Rosmerta cannot remain with those who do not live according to the will of the God & Goddess. They lose the privilege of Its guidance & inspiration. Always strive to be worthy of the harmonious companionship & direction of the Lord God Mercury & the Lady Goddess Venus.

We receive the Rosmerta after Dedication. In a sacred rite called Aradia’s Cauldron, one or more Mercuric Priesthood-holders of the Coven perform the sacred rite & bless us to receive the Mercurial-essence by the Holy Flame of Fire. The Holy Flame of Fire is the means whereby one or more Mercuric Priesthood-holders of the Coven raise their right-hand, and then confirms the newly made brother or sister a Charge of the Order. This rite normally takes place in a Coven meeting within a Temple or Garden. When we are Dedicated & empowered, we become a Charge of the Order, and more importantly: a devotee of the Old Religion.



With authority, Rosmerta is given by the Raising of the Right-hand in the name of Apollo & Diana.

The Great Rite:

After we are Dedicated, we can renew our Dedication covenants each Saturday (the Shabbat or Sabbatum) by partaking of the Great Rite of the Old Religion. During the Great Rite Ceremony, wine & bread are blessed & passed to the Covenors as a reminder of the restitution & transformation process given to us by our Lord Apollo & Lady Diana – the Sun to rule the Day, and the Moon to govern the night. The wine represents the blood of our Lady, and the bread represents the body of our Lord. As we renew the covenants of our Dedication, we are promised that we will have the 'Winged-messenger' or 'Rosmerta' with us always.


The Great Rite helps us remember the Lord & Lady.


WE BECOME A DEDICANT of the Order through faith in our Lord & Lady, restitution, and the Ceremony of Dedication which are ‘renouncement, cleansing & transformation’. After we become a Dedicant of the Order & the Old Ways, we will continue to grow in Gnosis (knowledge). We will continue to exercise faith in the Lord & Lady, we remember & renew the Covenants we took during our Dedication Ceremony by partaking of the Great Rite, and follow the guidance of Rosmerta. These 1st precepts & ordinances of the Coven are a ritual to follow throughout our lives. This lifelong-commitment is often called ‘Enduring to the End’.

            Enduring to the end brings direction, peace, and happiness to life. We will feel perpetual happiness in seeking to become more like our Lord & Lady as we serve & help those around us. We will better understand our relationship with the God & Goddess & feel their perfect love all around us. We will feel hope & a sense of purpose in an often unhappy & troublesome world.



AS WITH MISTRESS ARADIA - the founding Prophetess of Italian Strega (Craft of the Wild), the Circle of Apollo & Diana is restored through revelation from the God & Goddess to Their New Age Oracles & Priests/esses as They did in Delphi & Lake Nemi. We can know for ourselves that these things are true by asking our Father & Mother in Heaven through prayer. They will answer us through the Winged-messenger who walks hand in hand with Sophia (Lady Venus). The Rosmerta witnesses, or testifies of the God & Goddess - Jupiter & Juno. Together, through the aspect of Rosmarta, the Lord God Mercury & the Lady Goddess Venus confirm truth through feelings, thoughts, and impressions. The feelings that come from the Rosmerta are powerful, but they are also usually gentle & quiet because of the influence of the Lady Goddess Venus - the Mother of the Adamic-seed.


            These feelings are a confirmation from Rosmerta that the Circle of Apollo & Diana is true. We will then need to choose whether we will live in harmony with the Circle of our Lord & Lady as restored through Their New Age Oracles, Priests & Priestesses.


How Do I Pray?

     Address the God & Goddess;

     Express the feelings of your heart (gratitude, questions, and requests to confirm the truth of the Old Religion & precepts of its Priesthoods);

     Close in the Name of the Son & Daughter, So Mote It Be.


We can know the truth through sincere prayer.