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"Stay not on the precipice, with the dross of matter, for there is a place for thine image in a realm ever splendid'.

- The Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster

THE PLATONIC DIALOGUES OF GRÆCO-ROMAN Psycho Synthesis or Gnosis are the understanding of the Adamic-being in accordance with the Numerological laws of Nature & Science: Earthly, Astrologically, and Cosmologically. The Gnosis of the Triple Goddess is the harmonious dualistically-natured philosophy bound together by a 3-fold aspect of Past, Present, and Future. It is the acceptance that ‘Truth is Reason’ & that only through knowledge & experience can we gain wisdom which leads to understanding, for it is understanding that eventuates to exultation (ascension).  

            As Gnostics, we accept that Death is inevitable yet conquerable through embracing it as a portal into the next phase of our being which is eternal. Not one soul is saved by grace alone, but each according to their work & merit on the Earth under the Mandate of Heaven. We believe that although there is no ultimate Good or Evil, righteousness & goodwill are necessary for all human beings to harmoniously exist. Similarly in Zoroastrianism we learn that since polarity exists, there is indeed an ultimate Positive & Negative force in the Cosmos which is all part of the Balance of the Weights & Measures of what is called the Divine Logos (Word) of Creation. See The Logoic Triangle.

            It is believed that through a variety of Sacred Rites & universal symbolism, the individual may gain truth & understanding through their own experience by 'Freedom of Choice' as exists on other planets. In the Kabalistic foundation of Gnosticism, all life in our Galaxy sprang from the Kolob Star (Central Sun, Kobalos or Celestus) of our universe, and that the Great Father-Mother God (EL ELYON or Kaoz) or 'Dryghtyn', is the Source of All Creation. By a physical extension or separation of Itself, the Source can identify & experience Itself through the medium of a galactic God & Goddess. Because of the great love the God & Goddess have for life & each other, They send us, Their spirit-children, to an Earth to become like Them for the purpose of expanding the Great Father-Mother God's glory by giving life to the bareness of existence in its purest form. There is no end to matter, no end to space, no end to Priesthood, nor an end to race. We are divine, as all things birthed within the universe are blessed of the universe. The Great Work is expanding! See The Priesthood Of The Old Religion.





THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE STRUGGLE IN LIFE INTERNALLY more than externally. Some of us struggle on a daily basis whilst others may seem to have it easy. Yet even one who may live the ‘good-life’ reaches a wall of spiritual darkness when coming to the dreadful temporal realization that soon enough... they will have to die.  In all life’s uncertainties, Death is the only certainty. Physically, we all die eventually, and this certainty of death leads the Atheistic-faithless into an egoic super-nature. Egoic super-nature is the result of years of self loathing, self-idealization, world hating, and the idea of a time-ticking meaningless life, etc. It is the dangerous path of Nihilism which stems from the idea that since there is no Deity, and everyone dies, one should live life to the max by placing oneself above all others in order to please the self. While living life to the max is good, this does not excuse immorality. The word 'Immorality' does not exist in original Atheism; accordingly, morals are man-made religious means of controlling masses. This arrogance is why an Atheist can never become a Mage, nor gain entry into a Gnostic mystery school such as Freemasonry, etc. The fact is, human civilization cannot & will not survive without Moral Law. Egoic super-nature leads to lawlessness, which is the thought that since one is worthless, caring about Law is pointless if nothing has a meaning. It is the belief that something that is invented is not worth dying for. There is however, much in this world worth dying for. To deny such an important concept of morality is the Nephilistic road to Chaos & Involution. Involution is the opposite of Evolution, or in other words: the fall into primitivism of the animalistic-man/woman; what a sad state of being this is for our world & it is surprisingly common.

            Even the so called happiest of all Atheists is doomed to the pit of sadness & despair whether admitting this fact or not. It is psychologically contradictive to assume that any individual who believes in a fading existence can truly feel any self-worth & experience true happiness. True happiness is found in knowing ones worth as a spiritual-being having a human experience, rather than a human being having a spiritual experience. In knowing our role in the world, society, this part of the galaxy, and the eternities, we begin to experience self-celebration while gaining a higher-esteem of ourselves in the process. This leads to respect for humanity & all of nature, the world, and even the Cosmos. Our thoughts are drawn even further than our own solar system as we begin to perceive our galaxy as ‘giant clockwork’ where everything within it plays a significant part. It is the absolute knowing that we are a spirit-being who has inhabited a human body to learn more about 'Is-ness', the All, and the Absolute. It is the realization of soul-body planetary cosmological inter-dimensionality. It is the path on the road to exultation, whereby we may experience 'The Great Love' as we have never experienced it before… that is worth dying for. In the eternal realization of a cosmological-existence as taught by the great Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice Mercury), we begin to understand that "AS ABOVE, SO BELLOW". It is the understanding of planetary-influence on our being: to comprehend who we truly are, and why we feel what we feel, think as we do instinctively, emotionally, and intellectually within our daily lives, and even through the annals of history & religion, etc.


(In Massachusetts: A stained-glass depiction of Lady Diana.

As feminine-half of the Logos, She is Jehovah's Moon aspect of creation)


The Energy Of Planetary Bodies:

In the ancient world of the Old Religion, knowledge of the Moon & how it affects the tides was common. Our Pagan predecessors also understood the effects lunar-activity has on emotion, as well as fluids, and that of all nature over the face of the Earth. As even modern science will testify, the Moons power upon the watery element includes our own bodily-fluids, the sap from trees, and the growth of all things. Since we are 75% water, and the Earth is ¾ water, the Moon's influence is tremendous, yet few people truly care to understand the sky. The word Luna-tic derives from the understanding that crazed human emotion is increased by 'Luna-influence'. Planetary magnetism, as well as a broader influence on ourselves & the Earth, is once again becoming a known fact through modern science: a spec of knowledge to ancient Gnosis, or the 'Sacerdotal Science' of the Old Ways. See The Priesthood Of The Old Religion. Importantly enough, the fact that our ancient Pagan ancestors (so called ‘primitive-people’) understood Astronomy (a watered-down version of Astrology) makes reason stare. This is surprising to many here on Erath, especially when the alleged primitive-humans have described every planet of our solar system in detail & colour, as did the Sumerians & the Persian Zoroastrians without modern telescopes, etc. It is also known that specific ancient technology far precedes our current understanding, such as that used in the building of the Pyramids, Stonehenge & other grand masterpieces that baffle science. It is when modern science claims to possess all answers that the applecart tips over.


(Behold, the sheer perfection of the remarkable ancient theatre in Palmyra,

shaped from a rock without individual joins)





MANY ANCIENT MASTERPIECES PRE-DATE or are far too advanced for the civilization at the time in which modern carbon-dating predicts. For myself as well as many others, such a realization very well points to the existence of greater technology belonging to a more advanced race. Most ancient cultures describe Gods, Angels, Djinn & other beings who came from the stars to lead & teach, and in some cases, unfortunately enslave. It is the realization that everything we are experiencing has happened before a-million-times-over. It is the realization that this Adamic-body is a vehicle in which souls come to dwell on Earth & learn to become ELOHIM (gods & goddesses) themselves through experience & ascension, as did the Elohim before us. The solar system is too perfect; the accuracy in distance of the Moon from the Sun, Mercury’s speed around the Sun & its heavy influence on Earth, as well as its vital role as messenger & protector; Jupiter’s huge gravitational-pull prevents planetary bodies from colliding with Earth & other planets; it has saved us numerous times from the point of mass-extinction... These are the meanings that The Ancients gave to people through Græco-Roman lore as well as other cultures. Myth was never myth, but Covert Astrology from day one. See The Circle Of Apollo & Diana.

            All the Hierarchical Egyptian gods & goddesses, the Græco-Roman Pantheon, as well as the Scandinavian & Celtic deities amongst others, are often human representations of the celestial bodies of our solar system. Such mythology is a way in which disconnected individuals can benefit by comprehending truth on a 3-dimesional level, with their limited minds.  In order to understand the true meanings of these great stories involving our eternal existence, it is necessary for the individual to view the structure of the universe as it was understood among The Ancients - the people from whom the Sumerians, Scandinavians, Celts, Romans, and other nations through them, received their religion, science & law. This 'Logoic structure' is demonstrated in the Sabbatical Circle of the Sun & Moon:

I AM hot & dry Sol & thou, Luna, art cold & moist; and that we may increase in nobility, a burning light shall be poured upon us”.

- Aurora-consurgens, 16th Century

            Long after The Most Ancient Ones rested from Their labours, the common-folk began to view the Earth as a flat disc. It was believed that the Solar Orb of Lord Apollo (Sol) was the Sun itself.  As the Orb ascended from Hades (The Underworld) into the Heavens, Lord Apollo climbed His way out from The Underworld in the form of a mouse until He reached the surface. On His golden Chariot of Fire, our Lord in the form of 'Sol' soared through the sky from dawn until dusk; He gave the night until dawn to His sister Lady Diana, the 'Lamp of the Night'. Lord Apollo returned to the Underworld as the Orb sunk into the sea, only to rise again on the morn. He was the original Morning & Evening-star before the Venusian association with the word in latter days.  Our Lord's nether side is Apollyon, whereby He retires from the land during the darker quarter of the year, while Bacchus (Dionysus) rules in His stead. At night, Lord Apollo goes through the western gate into the interior of the heavens, which represents  masculine-factors of the psyche melting into subconsciousness. As ADONAI (Lord) of prophecy, Apollo demonstrates to us that oracles are brought from the dark unconscious-land into the light of solar consciousness.

            In the warm Southern-lands, it was understood that vegetation flourished best under the quickening influence of the coolness of night & fall of the dew, which for entire months was considered a substitute for the absence of rain. Through experience, the fall of the dew was known to be most plentiful when the sky was clear & the Moon shed Her pure luminescence; in this way our Lady was attributed as the bringer of fertility. During the night, Lady Diana in the form of 'Luna' roamed the forests & groves, and climbed the hills & valleys while accompanied by the nymphs of the fountains; it was in this enchanted way that Her divine presence was felt, bringing about a dreamlike quality to the sanctimonious night.

            It wasn't until Gnostic thought arose amongst Pagan communities in Greece, that the true light of Apollo was once again understood as being the 'centre' of the solar system, and that it was the Moon Herself who revolved around the Earth instead of the Sun. It is important to realize that some early Ab-original Pagans - as well as the wealthy but arrogant Vatican of the New Religion - believed the Sun revolved around the Earth. Eventually, most Ab-original Pagans were educated & began to understand the concept of a solar system, thus evolved in thought during the time of Master Socrates, Master Plato, Master Pythagoras, etc, leading up to Galileo - whom was eventually trialed for heresy by the Unholy Inquisition in 1632.  As a materialistically-advanced body, it was the Vatican who chose to remain ignorant & superstitious until the last century when science exposed the New Religion's view as a total mis-conception. Thus, the Vatican was forced to reconsider the case & finally absolved Galileo from any heresy in 1992.


The Logoic Circle of the Sun & Moon:

All mythology is closely connected with the poetry & art of ancient & modern times: Alpha & Omega. These myths are also revised & expanded on by various poets, essayists & orators, therefore, as honest researchers we may be deceived by miss-translations, exaggerations & flowery-embellishments. These same texts reveal information to anybody who is genuinely willing to read such literature with logic & discernment. Such precepts of logic regarding the nature of the Sun & Moon in accordance with our 'Being' are alluded to in Druidry, Witta, Stregheria, and throughout the rituals of Freemasonry, etc. See 'The Circle of Apollo & Diana'.

            Once we behold the Grand Design & comprehend the ancient secrets of The Great Work, we are separated from the labyrinthine-complexity that is our brain – a filter in this existence designed to pace us along the way through human growth & experience.  The more we learn, the sooner we conquer the great initiatory labyrinth & pass unwavering to embrace the divine light at the end of the tunnel, as did Lord Thoth (Mercury/Hermes) through the Halls of Amenti as described in 'The Emerald Tablets'.

            Through Gnosis we can become truly free & conquer the desire to hoard unimportant temporal things. Since our lower-level physical bodies are going to die, Gnosis gives us the tools to accept physical death in a more positive way. Being free from the fear of death allows us to view such an event as another necessary process of our eternal spiritual-existence in the cosmological reality of existence itself. Consciousness is likened unto a dream flowing into another dream; by accepting that Avatar-istic fact, death becomes a portal into greater existence, hence, Death itself - the Grand Leveller is defeated once & for all. In doing well to ourselves & working in harmony with nature, and by accepting our reality as spiritual-beings having a human experience to embrace love, we celebrate life Itself  through various sacred rites, song & dance, art & drama, etc.

            In following The Circle of the Sun & Moon, we must always celebrate the 8 Sabbatical-festivals of the Wheel of the Year & all other Holy Days pertaining to our own individual Pagan faiths. By embracing the Priesthood, understanding & conducting sacred rites laid down by The Most Ancient Ones, we may prepare to finally ascend into the Height of Heights through the 13-Æonic Esbats (moons) & experience eternal happiness, when the beast of human ego is finally trodden underfoot.


“Let us be glad & rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the Marriage of the Lamb is nie, and His Wife hath made Herself ready”.

- Revelations (19:7)