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"The world is too much with us: late & soon. Getting & spending, we lay waste our powers: little we see in Nature that is ours; we have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! . . .For this, for everything, we are out of tune; it moves us not. - Great God! I'd rather be a Pagan suckled in a creed outworn. . .'.

- William Wordsworth (Sonnet XXXIII)

ABOVE IS AN ARTISTS DEPICTION of the Italian Pagan Winter Solstice known as the Feast of Saturnalia – the celebration of all life in liberation of the Saturnian Kingdom. It is through such holidays as Saturnalia & the Celtic Beltane feast that supernal-indulgence may be experienced openly & collectively. In this way, we continue to remain free from the New Religion's sexual insecurities & superstitious taboos regarding sexual-expression. In this day & age, speaking of sexual-expression is easily mistaken as a sleazy & orgiastic statement; however, the meaning here implies a complete acceptance & expression of the divine male & female energy within us, as well as all around us. Supernal-indulgence (sacred sensuality) is the same expression found in dancing. Saturnalia enables us to move beyond the New Religion’s lie of sexual-repression, less we are to incarnate again until we have fully experienced the Being - in wholeness with nature - in that majickally intimate way as demonstrated at the sacred feast of Saturnalia & Beltane, etc. To deprive ourselves is to die knowing nothing. Our majick is of nature, and the Lord & Lady are in nature; therefore, nature is majick, and since we are of nature we are also majick. Majick is life. Paganism is of life, yet life is not of the world… the world is of thought; majick is manifestation, and with our thoughts we cause the world to manifest. In order to fully comprehend the Being we must experience the supernal-indulgence of celestial life… a world that is of the Lord & Lady– our God & Goddess. This is Gnostic Paganism.




IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE ORIGINAL GNOSIS as it was philosophized by Greek & Roman alike, and its application to the Old Religion of that ancient pre-Christian world. They are one & the same; it is only in latter days that a separation has been made between them. The only plausible fact seems to be that modern Gnosticism relates more to the Kabalistic teachings of the Master Jeshua of Nazareth, and His Holy Bride - the Lady Mary of Magdal - during the New Testament Times.  To those of us belonging to the Old Religion, ADONAI (Lord), and His KALLAH ADONAI (Anointed Bride), are considered as equals. Gnostic Paganism is an understanding that our Lord & Lady are physical-manifestations of the Solar Masculine & Lunar Feminine aspect of JE-HO-VAH. I feel it is important to emphasize yet another factor: in the Old Religion of Hebraic Kabala, Lord Jeshua was considered to be the Sun God reborn, and Lady Magdalene was said to be the Moon Goddess incarnate, hence the visitation by the Mages of the East for the birth of their Sun God during the Winter Solstice; they offered frankincense & myrrh to their New Born King. The story is more than compatible with various Pagan traditions around the world, such as the Scandinavian Yule-tide where the Sun God is born through the Mother Goddess; the popular mistletoe of the Old Religion, including gifts of frankincense & myrrh are still popular today in various Winter Solstice celebrations. The Greeks & Romans also celebrated the same solstice, for example: very few people who erect their annual X-mass Tree & adorn it with stars are contemplating the fact that the pine-tree was dedicated to Attic & Lady Cybele (Rhea/Ops/Lilitu), and that the pine-cone is a sexual symbol that is sacred to Lady Venus - Mother of All Living.


(Above is a stained-glass window depicting Lord Jeshua, and the Holy Bride - Lady Magdalene)


The Lord & Lady & Their Twelve Disciples:

I believe it is crucial for people to realize that, since the discoveries of the Gnostic Gospels & their revelations found throughout the world, it has become widely acknowledged that Lord Jeshua & Lady Mary Magdalene were both Husband & Wife, as well as Priest & Priestess of the old Hebraic Kabalistic tradition. It is also known that Lady Magdalene was descended from Pagan Hebraic Kings, as was Joseph of Arimathea - the father of Lord Jeshua of Nazareth. What is now being rediscovered, is that John the Baptist was an 'Adonai' of this Kabalistic tradition who passed it down to his successor, Prince Jeshua. According to the Gnostic Gospels, it was latter passed from Lord Jeshua to Lady Mary of Magdal, with respect to the inherent nature of the Apostle Peter. We read in the Gnostic scriptures that together, Lord Jeshua & Lady Magdalene presided over a Coven (Clergy) of 12 disciples, which remains to this day a common theme throughout the Old Religion. As revealed within the Persian Mithraic tradition, the disciples are holy representatives of the 12 Astrological-stages of progression. In Hebraic Kabala, the power of the Sun Sign is harnessed through each ESHBAT (Moon or Æon), whereby we learn to transcend our individual Zodiac & into Ophiuchus (Asclepius - The Serpent Bearer). In Celtic Druidry, this power is brought to us through the Silver Wheel of Lady Arianrhod & Her 13 Moons. Such re-occurring numbers, themes & lunar rites have always remained a sacred part of universal Paganism, and it is understood by Sophian Gnostics.

Although no hard evidence has come to the forefront, it is also thought that together, Lord Jeshua & Lady Magdalene parented a number of children, and in some Gnostic sources even lived plural-marriage. No sexually repressed chauvinistic doctrine as taught by the New Religion would dare consider their perfect God to be the husband of a woman who was once forced to sell her body against her will; even worse, pursue a sexual relationship with Her, because this would mean God has sexual urges. Such a thought is too heretical for the New Religion to comprehend. The same religion wants us to believe that Mother Mary was 'physically' a virgin throughout her entire life, otherwise too impure to mother their God. The same religion doesn't want us to know that the mother of their God was in fact intimate with her husband - Joseph of Arimathea - regardless of her nature & right to do so. The same people cannot comprehend how their perfect God can produce children in the same way that we do; that would make Him more human… possibly even flawed? The same hierarchy fears sex & woman, therefore they fear only themselves since that is the means by which we came into this world. The New Religion denies that their perfect God allowed these women to preside over a congregation of twelve.

            It is my firm belief that the Master Jeshua was our Lord Apollo (Utu/Shamash) incarnate, and that Mistress Mary Magdalene was indeed our Lady Diana (Artemis/Inanna) incarnate. For a glorious purpose, our Lord & Lady were sent to Earth various times, and shall return again: Male & Female.

Supernal Indulgence:

Since the Pagan motto 'EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY, FOR TOMORROW WE DIE', mainstream-religions & surprisingly even some esoteric schools continue to criticize Paganism before understanding its true meaning. There is some truth in their accusations, yet there is still a vast difference: the major difference is between what is termed a 'Worldly-person' who is 'OF' the world & indulges, to that of the 'true Pagan' who is 'FROM' the world & indulges. As Pagans we realize that indulgence is a sure way to experience truth. If we gain great contentment in this experience we are able to taste godliness. It is only by tasting godliness that we can taste reality; this was the true meaning that was found in the Garden of Eden, hence why as Gnostic Pagans we thank the day when our first earthly Lord & Lady, Adam & Eve, partook of the Forbidden Fruit: a metaphor to awakening Serpenis - the Coiled Serpent of Supernal-sensuality within us. If Lord Adam & Lady Eve had not rebelled, then we would have never known that we were suppose to become Elohim (gods & goddesses) ourselves. The Fall of Humankind was a blessing in disguise that opened the way to exaltation (ascension) for all humanity. Paganism is not ordinary indulgence, it is supernal-indulgence. It is indulgence in the Great Father-Mother God.

            If what we indulge in is sanctified, then the ordinary is sanctified; therefore, we turn ordinary life into celestial life.  That which is ordinary is bound to decay & is forgotten; that which is sanctified is bound to be remembered & ever-present by all of the 5 senses… It becomes eternal. To be exalted is more than just transfiguration & enlightenment, it is great joyousness. We are therefore reminded of the sanctity of life within everyday surroundings, thus the ordinary is transfigured to a higher vibration as is our awareness. Many people within the New Religion say that if an ordinary person is not of the New Religion then they are Pagan - Heathen; yet ordinary people couldn't be farther from Pagan spirituality. Some individuals, and even groups of people see this interpretation as an excuse to overindulge & commit all manner of sexual immorality, cheapening Paganism into a 'do what feels good belief system'. That is not true Paganism. It is a watered down version of something extremely sacred; so sacred as to be of vital importance to our soul-connection with The Stars... The Priesthood of the Old Religion.

            Anciently, the word Heathen referred to 'person of the country', but from the time of the Unholy Inquisitions was referred to as 'any culture killed in the Name of God', for it was from out of such mentally damaging & spiritually-blind faiths as the New Religion that our current & dwindling world has manifested. The world is created by the thoughts of countless people & hierarchies who have been called by many names, some of them not complimentary. A hierarchy who remain celibate do not know what it is to be in love, they do not know what it is to celebrate that love with another person which is crucial, therefore they can never gain full ascension into Celestial Glory. In the Book of Geneses 2: 5 it is said: "It is not good for man to be alone". Why is the Pagan not ashamed to gather around The Circle skyclad during a full moon on Esbat night? This answer is also found in Genesis 2: 24-25:

"Therefore a man shall leave his father & mother & be joined to his wife, and they shall become one-flesh. And they were both naked, the man & his wife, and were not ashamed".

            That is the answer. It is there for all to witness in the well known Bible: utilized to condemn Paganism since time immemorial; in fact, the core of The Bible is Kabala, not Christianity, and the Garden of Eden is by origin an ancient Sumerian Pagan-drama which contains various parallels to Scandinavian lore, amongst others. In Sumerian lore, we read of a place called Edin, and the first human being brought to life by the Anunnaki (ELOHIM) was called the Adamu. In Scandinavian mythology, Papa Odin with His two brothers, Vili & Vi, came upon two human-shaped trees: the Ash & Elm, from where Papa Odin gave the breath of life. The man He called Ask, and the woman, Embla; both having the same initials as Adam & Eve, both representing the two Trees in the Garden of Eden - the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.

            Through my research & dedication as a Priest of the Old Religion, I have come to recognize that Prince Mars (Ares) is truly the embodiment of the Latinized-term known as Lucifer, and that Queen Lilitu (Lilith) is the feminine-aspect (Luceal) of that antediluvian primal power. By Their influence, Serpenis, being the sexual symbol was found by partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil: the doorway to becoming a god & goddess. The moral simply is.




AS GNOSTIC PAGANS, we should seek to exist free & independent of those dark Capitalistic-powers of celibate beings. We live in the realm of time & space laid forth by the Divine Logos (Word) of our God & Goddess. By the preservation of nature & the beautifying of Their kingdom on Earth, and by lifting up the hands of those whom we love while making our pact with the Father & Mother in Heaven, we are raising the world’s frequency to an exultant vibration. When such an exultant vibration is heard amongst the spheres of our universe, it is then that we may freely commune & enjoy true & divine fellowship with the 'other' sons & daughters (BENE ELOHIM) of the Great Father & Mother. It is then that the Grand Orchestra can begin the music of the spheres & utopian harmony may be restored in our sector of the universe: this is what is meant by sexual-expression. It is the expression of the supernal god & goddess within us all.

            We believe that in our Parents house - The Universe - there are a multitude of abodes & orbs inhabited by men & woman we can rightfully call brothers & sisters: these are the same Ancient Ones who taught our ancestors about The Logos & bestowed upon them the Holy Priesthoods. It is they who remain connected to the Pyramids of Giza & even Stonehenge, etc. In the King James Bible we also read:

"In my Fathers house there are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you".

            The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Caves of Qumran clarify the meaning of that verse... a portion from the priceless Copper Scroll from Cave 3 reads as follows, Jehovah speaking:

"...If you believe whole-heartedly in Great Father-Mother God, then you also believeth in Me with all of your heart, mind & spirit, that in our universe which I have created there are a multitude of places & orbs which along with the Earth shall be your future dwelling-places...".

            It is my understanding that this can only occur once the world's vibration is exalted, and when the cyclical-celebrations of the seasons are properly aligned throughout the Northern & Southern sectors in their polar mirror-like-quality as they aught, and when the Earth's atmosphere & surface is cleansed of it's toxicities & filth. If we are 'OF' the world we are slaves to it; if we are 'FROM' the world we are able to manifest the truth of what the world is destined to be - according to the Divine Logos of our Lord & Lady. In Gnostic Kabala, The Logos is the will, or Sun & Moon energy of Jehovah. See The Logoic Triangle.




AS GNOSTIC PAGANS, we believe in a God & Goddess of flesh & bone of a more pure substance who together, are continually progressing, as we to are continual progressing. Because our Heavenly Parents are embodied, there is greater desire to celebrate Them through our own physical-being with Song, Dance & Ritual, etc, hence the flesh becomes sanctified, and in turn makes us aware of the sacredness within us & all around us. It is said that we can never believe in a god who cannot dance, just as a warrior who cannot dance is unworthy of the sword. We are reminded of this great 'sense of being' by Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight & Hearing. It is through subtle things in life that we experience the omni-presence of God & Goddess, therefore nature speaks a silent whisper: "The God & Goddess are reflected in everything". That is Omni-presence. Listen to that still small voice called the Mercurial-essence, the Messenger – the Comforter: Michael. If we are all children of the God & Goddess, we are all Princes & Princesses of a King & Queen. Thus, it is our divine birthright to become Kings, Queens, Priest & Priestesses of the Most High God & Goddess & reign in the solace of Avalon & Sion forever. This can be achieved through the sanctity & blessings of the Rosmerta aspect, or 'Mercurial-couple'. See The Circle Of Apollo & Diana.

The Sanctity Of Red & White:

Red & white have represented the Old Religion since time immemorial. They are the sacred colours of the Bride & Bridegroom from which we are delivered. Red represents the menstrual-cycle of the female, and the white represents the seed of the male. These sacred colours can be found in various classical artwork, Renascence Alchemy, and universally throughout the Old Religions of the world, such as Celtic Druidry, Hebraic Kabala, Templarism, and Japanese Shinto, etc. In Hebraic Kabala, red or 'Tinctura Rubea' in Alchemy, goes on to represent the Aaronic Priesthood, or Priesthood of the Silvery Light or 'Moon', hence the woman's 'moon-flow', while the white represents the Melchizadeck Priesthood, or Priesthood of the Golden Light or 'Sun', which causes seeds to germinate. Together, they are represented by the red & green hues featured at Yule-tide (Saturnalia). In the ancient temples of Jerusalem, sacred lamb's blood was ceremonially splashed onto white curtains within the inner temple as an offering to the ADONAI TSEBAYOTH (Lord/Lady of Hosts); doing this was a symbolic act of merging the two vital alchemical essences into one tincture to demonstrate gratitude for life on Earth, whereby The Logos would intimately celebrate with His/Her creation. It is for such a reason that marriage is considered the most sacred ordinance within the Old Religion. It is truly natural for couples to join in Holy Matrimony in the union of the Bride & Bridegroom (The Joining of Gias & Gaia). When making love to our partner or spouse, we are love. Let the whole existence through the fire of Venus converge on such a sacred rite. This Love is wild, innocent & free; free from the corruption of the Enemy of our Soul, and when love is present we remain safe from that Adversary. It is through this great love that we experience & come to know true godliness. Majick is our birthright.

            Since our Lord & Lady are continually progressing, our existence is just as sanctified as when They created the Garden of Eden, because They are continually creating. We are fortunate to be in the present-moment, guided by the Fate, Nona (Clotho/Verdandi), She who spins the thread of life. Each moment the world is created, thus each moment it is re-born; this is Gnosis. We are born empty, gather up along the way & return empty, thus we may be filled with light. If at first, we fail to face & conquer our Shadow-selves, the Light only causes strain upon our ego until there is room enough to receive it. Alchemicaly speaking, the unified rays produced from our Lord & Lady (Sun & Moon) contain the Aqua Divina (Enduring Water), which is the arcane substance or Fiery-medicine which separates mass. As our Sun may warm or scorch so does the Red Sulphuric Water have both positive & negative attributes, reducing all to 'Prima Materia'. It is a representation of all blunders in the material world, and burns, coagulates, putrefies & rusts. Such is the Animus, or Masculine-subconscious.

            At the rendition of their love during Beltane (Festival of Love), the High Priest & High Priestess enact the Sponsa et Sponsus (Bride & Groom); they are Sun & Moon, right-eye & left-eye, The Old Ways are incomplete without sharing the Priesthood-power with our spouse. To be celibate, or to separate & think only of ourselves is to weaken our Priesthood power, as experienced by many today. The reason marriage in the Priesthood is practiced by many Gnostics & Pagans alike, is because couples can progress together eternally as one; therefore, we may experience the light of our Lord & Lady - the Sun & Moon energy of Je-ho-vah. Thus the Holy Union of the Bride & Bridegroom is between the 'Dianic', or Lunar-etheric moisture & the 'Apolloan', or Solar-heat of the firmament. See The Priesthood Of The Old Religion.


(The Anointing at Bethany.

Note: the Red & White of the Old Religion)


            By carefully discarding that which we need no longer, we can continually make room for the new in order to progress 'one step enough for us'. The world is in a state of progression, thus our Lord & Lady - Apollo & Diana - are the Alpha & Omega: The First & The Last. They are the King & Queen of the Living, and the King & Queen of the Dead. They are the glorious Sun & Moon. They are the Son & Daughter who are the embodiment of the Lord & Lady of life, and the stars attest to Their glorious handiwork. We are all mortal manifestations of the Lord & Lady of The Most High; for as we are now, They once were, and as They are now, we to shall become. Heed these words & know, that as transfigured-beings we shall soar high above that of the most powerful eagle, and join together with the Angels in the spirit of love; we will experience splendid worlds of serene beauty which no words may express.  So mote it be!


 Tau  Sigan